The London Particular

Group – London, United Kingdom

2001 onwards

The London Particular is a group whose research focuses on issues of urban regeneration and gentrification, taking the view that these are usually carried out in order to restructure the city for the purposes and advantages of a small elite. Since 2001 they have produced work on the transformations of inner city areas in East London dealing with issues related to the privatisation of public space, housing and services, the dispersal of working class communities and homelessness. Their work takes the form of writing, photo-essays and film, including two films set in East London: The Occupation (2001) traces the transformation of the area through interviews with residents, specialists, community activists, juxtaposing the accounts of estate agents on the re-development of council housing into 'loft-style apartments' with those of former residents forced to move out. The London Particular (2004) critiques the important role played by the creative industries in processes of gentrification and in the breaking-up of inner city communities.

Other Work

'Crisis in the Credit System', [accessed 16 August 2010].

Benedict Seymour, 'Welcome to the Big Society!', Mute: culture and politics after the net, 2010, [accessed 16 August 2010].


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