Group – London, UK

2005 onwards


00:/ is a London based co-operative practice, establised in 2005 by two architects, Inderpaul Johar and David Saxby. They describe their work as creating 'sustainable design' defining this both as an ecological and a social concern. Whilst their building designs strive for zero carbon status, their work in the field of regeneration is characterised by an emphasis on creating micro-economies through supporting small-scale businesses and non-monetary forms of exchange such as swap shops. This strategic work is combined with architectural design that creates the spatial conditions necessary for social networks to thrive, typically through making threshold and indeterminate spaces that encourage informal exchanges.

The practice places importance on empirical research and views the role of architects as also effecting change at policy level. In this they have collaborated with the think tank Demos, producing a report on the future of urban planning, and have acted as architectural advisors to CABE and the EU. 00:/ view the design of institutional, financial and social structures as the key to successful strategies of regeneration in the built environment, citing DEGW, the Grameen Bank, which is a micro-finance community development bank in Bangladesh and the People's Supermarket, a co-operatively owned and managed supermarket as key influences. This approach is demonstrated well in their project for the Hub Collective, which aims to provide a 'global network of innovative workplaces for social entrepreneurs'. Here 00:/ designed the building as well as advising on the financial strategy for the business, creating on organisational and spatial model for encouraging small-scale community businesses.

Other Work

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"Indy Johar - Podcast," Building Futures, http://www.buildingfutures.org.uk.

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Indy Johar, 'Starting over', RIBA Journal 116(6) (2008): 82-83.


It is time for the profession to move towards a model built on an evidence base - qualitative and quantitative; a practice focused not just on building but on creating conditions of use which make buildings everyday value-generating assets in the use economy as opposed to the transactional economy.
- Indy Johar


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