An Architektur

Group – Berlin, Germany

2002 onwards

An Architektur grew out of the loose architecture collective freies fach, whose work addressed the reconstruction of Berlin post the mid-1990s through actions, publications and exhibitions. Since 2002 An Architektur have worked in a number of different constellations, with various groups, including the Institute for Applied Urbanism, FAST, and Casco. Their research and projects take many forms including exhibitions, installations, actions and the designing of space for arts institutions. Critically analysing spatial relations as a form of political agency, they reflect the original interventionist and highly political approach developed by freies fach.

A large part of their work is related to the production of the eponymously titled biannual magazine. Each issue is organised around a theme related to the socio-political aspects of architecture, and in particular the effects of capitalism and the neo-liberal economy on both architecture as profession and as built environment. Recent issues have discussed the increasing tensions around migration in Europe, the commodification of space, and the relationship between 'war and the production of space'. Whilst many of the chosen topics have critiqued the status quo, others celebrate grassroots successes, such as a set of issues on 'Community Design' in the context of the US, which was also presented as an exhibition. They have also organised conferences, 'Camp for Oppositional Architecture' (Berlin 2004, Utrecht 2006 and New York 2009), which brought together contemporary practices and theorists whose work presents a radical critique of current architectural practices and offers suggestions for alternative approaches.

An Architektur as group and publication is increasingly becoming a hub for a network of progressive research groups and projects related to a critical and highly political approach to architecture.

Other Work

An Architektur, 1-22 (Berlin: An Architektur, 2002).

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"Architecture Against the Grain: Interview with An Architektur," Openhagen, 2009,

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An Architektur, "Exterritories and Camps,", 2003,

"Resisting the Capitalist Production of Space," Camp for Oppositional Architecture, 2009,

Andreas Müller, "The Fundamental Protagonist," Field: A Free Journal for Architecture 2, no. 1 (2008): 75-81,

References About

Stephan Lanz and Axel John Wieder, "An Architektur [periodical review]," Arch Plus, no. 167 (October 2003): 52-55.


We have to articulate that planning and design is by no means only a question of form, but always implies - often unacknowledged by the architects - political decisions. Architecture is always in a political field and that this is exactly the realm where we want it to be.
- An Architektur;


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