Brian Holmes

Individual – Chicago, USA & Paris, France

Brian Holmes is an art critic, cultural theorist and activist primarily interested in the intersections of art and political practice. His critical writings are especially useful for architects as a way into contemporary theory and art practices that critique the neo-liberal state and for introducing radical political concepts to a profession that lags far behind art practice in its engagement with issues of social and environmental justice, politics and the wide ranging consequences of 'globalisation'. His writings challenge the architecture profession's self proclaimed neutrality.

Other Work

Brian Homes, Hieroglyphs of the Future: Art & Politics in a Networked Era (Paris & Zagreb: Visual Culture NGO: What, How and for Whom, 2002).

---, 'The Flexible Personality: For a New Cultural Critique', transform, 2002, [accessed 8 February 2010].

---, 'Piet Zwart Institute - Imaginary Maps, Global Solidarities', Piet Zwart Institute, [accessed 8 February 2010].

---, 'Counter Cartographies', in Else/Where: Mapping, ed. by Janet Abrams and Peter Hall (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Design Institute, 2006), pp. 20-25.

---, Unleashing the Collective Phantoms: Essays in Reverse Imagineering (New York: Autonomedia, 2007).


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