Group – Barcelona, Spain

2003 onwards

Platoniq are Susana Noguero, Olivier Schulbaum, Ignacio Garcia and Esther Majadas, with backgrounds in programming, art and architecture. Since 2003, they have developed projects that take inspiration from the way the internet works, set up through the collective effort of a large number of distributed agents. Combining an interest in new media, technology and social networks, they describe their own work as 'taking the Internet to the streets'. They have worked in different areas, including the organisation of events related to culture and technology, the creation of documentary content for television and radio, and the development of database and software tools for public use. They have investigated the possible social uses of new technologies and social networking tools, looking to develop strategies for their more effective use in forms of communication, citizen participation and organisation.

A good example of their working method is the Bank of Common Knowledge, a project that sets up free knowledge markets in various locations, matching those who offer their knowledge or skills with those who request them. This platform for the exchange of informal and practical knowledge can include anything from how to unfreeze patents to advice on setting up a co-operative. The information is distributed through various channels including free workshops, seminars and the distribution of manuals, as well as publishing the content on-line under a copy-left licence.

Other Work

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References About

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