Group – Belfast, Northern Ireland

1993 onwards

PS² is Paragon Studios / Project space, a small artist's collective and their studio space in the centre of Belfast established since 1993. Alongside the studio space, PS² uses a former shop, project space, on the ground floor of the building as a platform for art projects and cultural activities which are often located at fringe locations in the city and further afield. The focus of PS² is on urban intervention and social interaction by artists, urban practitioners, multidisciplinary groups and theorists. PS² is run on a voluntary, non-commercial base, supported by funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and other sources.

The projects are initiated and organised by Peter Mutschler together with Ruth Morrow as curatorial adviser, they include topics that deal with the context of Belfast itself, such as Street Archaeology, which looked at the processes of memory and identity in the fraught context of the city, other projects have investigated the role of art within a rural economy. PS²'s diverse practice provokes debate on the role that art and urban practice can play within situations of urban transformation and their projects such as Space Shuttle, are an example of a productive dialogue between artists, architects and others involved in the shaping of the built environment.

Other Work

PS2, City Supplements: An Alternative Urban Survey (Belfast: PS2, 2009).

'PS2' in, AAA and PEPRAV (eds.), UrbanACT (Montrouge: Moutot Imprimeurs, 2007), pp. 196-207.

PS2, Space Shuttle: Six Projects of Urban Creativity and Social Interaction (Belfast: PS2, 2002).


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