Ecosistema Urbano

Group – Madrid, Spain

2000 – 2000

Ecosistema Urbano combine expertise in architecture, civil engineering and landscape architecture, focusing on designing sustainable urban environments. Based in Madrid, they have developed projects for the regeneration of urban areas through a focus on social activity and increasing biodiversity. Their EcoBoulevard project in a Madrid suburb was designed to mitigate the effects of rampant urban development with little concern for environmental and social conditions. Consisting of a number of 'air trees', these self-sustaining structures powered by solar energy create public space whilst also tempering the hot climate through climbing plants and atomisers that cool and moisten the air. Any excess energy is sold back to the grid and helps fund the maintenance of the structures. Being demountable, the idea is that the 'air trees' can be moved to different locations as and when needed. This approach of using technology to create social spaces that stimulate activity through creating comfortable and playful environments is seen in all of Ecosistema Urbano's projects.

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