Doors of Perception

Conference – Netherlands, India

Doors of Perception is a series of conferences and a network of people brought together around the events related to design, resilience and the role of information and communication technologies in society. It was organised by the Netherlands Design Institute from 1993 until 2000, when it became an independent foundation financially supported by the Dutch government and the City of Amsterdam. Directed by John Thackara and Kristi van Riet, they meet roughly every 2 years in order to share their work and to expand the network.

The conferences are based in Amsterdam with two so far in India, with a view to learning about models of communication, design practices and internet culture in this context, as well as finding ways of collaborating across Europe and South Asia. The latest event, Doors of Perception 8 (2005), dealt with 'infrastructure' - what infrastructures are needed to enable 'bottom-up, edge-in social innovation' - and how these can then be designed. The event also focused on how to shift business and policy agendas away from top-down practices.

Other Work

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References About

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